The Diary of a single man.

I wake up with a smile of the rich of lucky person. My smile becomes wider from the anticipation of new feelings granted by new acquaintance! The look of her languid, black as night eyes, with interest directed on me adds the importance of my stormy life.

What happiness that I have found forces to break up with another one! During the last meetings with her the hidden irritation always increased in me! It is awful when the person isn’t pleasant to you with everything: both with talking and actions! And instead of her boring physiognomy there appearing a mysterious face of the new acquaintance promising scale of new feelings!

I don’t see her and I don’t hear her cooing voice and suddenly resolutely I stop this trite, prolonged dream with the statement for a rupture of our relations. Without expecting the answer, I turn and leave quickly! Well done! I should put an end to it long ago! How many times can I lie to myself and others?