On a bank of flowers, in a summer day, e4fa67e5cac11823b688de2782b188a5

For summer lightly drest,
The youthful, blooming Nelly lay,
With love and sleep opprest;
When Willie, wand’ring thro’ the wood,
Who for her favour oft had sued;
He gaz’d, he wish’d
He fear’d, he blush’d,
And trembled where he stood.

Robert Burns.


MAD OF BEATY!                                                                    Turn.

By Vadim Gazi (Vagif Gaziyev)

Have you ever thought about the destroying,

trite monotony of life? It kills all our courageous

thoughts and smothers with the success our internal

voice, which we cease to hear over time! And after all,

this voice is also our sincere guide and the fearless

warrior, who lifted a sword on a banality of a gray existence!

The author.



This wonderful summer day with a mysterious smell of the sea excites with the carelessness and rich colors of the nature. The kid squeals from pleasure, anticipating a game with the neighboring girl. She has the long nut-brown hair and a remarkable bang, which dements him! He joyfully takes the ball and hurries on a lawn, where from the twitter of the neighboring kids from is heard.

She’s playing with the girls, but having seen him, with a smile runs to towards him. “Hubba hubba, ding ding, don’t forget the wedding ring!” with the inspiration are shouting the children the bored phrase. But these causticities please, emphasizing their attachment to each other: they one in this children’s swarm! She is dressed in a claret dress, her big green eyes of color of a sea are directed on him and he feels a boundless happiness. He runs behind a ball, without allowing her to trouble herself: he feels like her page! But the next ball with triumph thrown by her flies slightly afar: it runs out on a glade where adults have a rest. The smell of flowers is engraved in his true memory, and he sees…  He sees two naked women, lying on a grass. A nut-brown hair of one is scattered on shoulders, at another, in sunglasses, they – jet-black also are brought together in a charming  “tail”. He sees a smooth bend of their hips and smooth swarty skin. They selflessly talk, and in their naked shamelessness certain greatness is felt!

Having caught sight of the kid, that who in black glasses, gracefully takes a ball and softly asks: “Hey, kid is that your ball? her voice is slightly low and hoarse. The kid is nodding confusedly.

“Look, what a charm! He’s got heavenly blue eyes!” says another one and the kid has thought that the voice looks like his mom’s: gentle and chest. She rises and is throwing  the ball, and the kid sees her high breast …

How marvelous they’re smelling!

He takes the ball and goes, without looking back. “How beautiful they are!” the kid is thinking. Their smooth skin and voices!” And as a wild contrast to his the memory is engraved a dirty bristle and the reek of alcohol of his stepfather who swears, splashing a saliva!

He thoughtfully comes back to the girlfriend. She right there notices a change in his mood and, having approached to him, touchingly takes his hand, panting:  “You were offended?” He negatively swings the head. She with comical gravity looks to his eyes and says: “I will always protect you!”

He’s noticing that she has the hair and eyes of that woman, with a mom’s voice, lying on a lawn …



AFTER THE RAINAfter the hot carefree days today it started to rain, bringing the sweet grief in our fragile souls! It promises the artful changes connected with the certain romantic meetings cast by our brain tired of platitude of monotony! It attracts in delightful networks of lonely creativity! The lines from the favorite song coming to my mind:

Let me tiptoe in your forest,
On the other end of slowed down gesture
Find leaves and bring them to my face
And feel the orphanhood like pleasure.

(Bella Akhmadulina).


ОБРАТНО К НЕВИННОСТИ!Мы зомбированы, отравлены, нагружены! Вместо природной красоты мы самоуничтожающе глотаем и вдыхаем заготовленные ,,цивилизацией” материалы! Не хочччу! Ведь есть другой мир! Это мир по – Вашему собственному сценарию, срежиссируйте его! Прислушайтесь к себе: внутри Вас другой мир, он лучше того, что Вам навязывают: он полон новых идей, мелодии, стихов и иного взгляда, с иной призмы на мир! Этот мир свободен от стереотипов, предрассудков и суеты! Он наполнен величавой гармонией Вашего неотъемлемого права на выбор!