Till death do us part!

Are these words desirable or imaginary? Whether it is possible to live with the person for decades, keeping love? Whether Romeo assumed that having lived with Juliette ten or may be only few years he would feel burning hatred and disgust instead of ardent love? Perhaps change of spouses or partners is natural change in life?


One day on the boulevard my attention was drawn by an elderly couple. The old men hardly dragged feet and like children helplessly held each other! It was so touchy to see the children’s attachment of this dying-away couple.

Near them skateboarders dashingly scurried about, and on the benches there retired the kissing couples, emphasizing the contrast of the blossoming youth and the dying-away old age! The elderly couple sat down timidly on a bench near the carelessly murmuring fountain. With the shivering hands they opened a parcel out of which they took two sandwiches. They were very slowly eating, with a silent admiration inspecting all around.

And may be these single examples of joint life in harmony  is an evidence of eternal love? Or the decayed love gives way to deep attachment? And what do you  think about it?