The Turn by Vadim Gazi.

He powerlessly failed near her, but on his proceeding gentle caress she understood with pleasure, though with small fear that he isn’t indifferent to her!

From the neighboring room the groans of Rudd and Milene reached. Al and Natalie amicably burst out laughing.

” Oh yeah! Emotions shouldn’t be constrained!” she funnily rapped out and again encountered Al’s hot kiss. “After all don’t you consider the sex as a defect?” She, having risen glanced in his blue eyes.

“A defect is a pleasure without a shame!” he said with an arrangement.

“Cool!” Natalie clapped the hands. She admiringly inclined over him, kissing his eyes, cheeks, a sensual mouth gently. Al felt a ticklish touch of her magnificent hair, a wave spread over his face. He rose and tumbled her down, continuing to kiss. They continued the coition, but already in a more measured, delightful rhythm! She let out the plaintive groans, which were making him crazy. He rhythmically moved the hips and both of them as if devoured each other with the studying looks! After the next love agony, he leaned back on the pillows, without tearing off a loving look from her. Then, having propped up one hand the face, he continued by other hand light touches, as if being afraid to cause the pain to her. They exchanged a gentle kiss.

“There’s no end to it!” she burst out laughing. He hardly came off her and sat down on bed, having deeply sighed.

“When shall we meet?” he asked, slowly getting dressed.

“Whenever you want,” she simply answered.

Having got dressed, he slipped in the hall and opened the door. She slightly shuddered on a clang of the shut door and, having curled up, plunged into the thoughts, slightly smiling.




Sometimes I think I have felt everything I’m ever gonna feel. And from here on out, I’m not gonna feel anything new!

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Nothing can cause their surprise, admiration! A smell of the fallen-down foliage! Twitter of children and pride smiles of charming mothers! Radiant views and noble old men with a mysterious smile of the Saint! That seasons are replacing each other so carefree! That in the world there are a lot of positive miracles made by human mind!


They are admired  not by the boundless galaxy, but the Galaxy of the last release of Samsung J 7 Gold! Really the artificial world replaces the natural? A look of shiny eyes instead of a trite profile on the screen of mobile! A ticklish kiss of hot lips instead of the posing false bodies on the Internet! Someone is guilty of it? Perhaps if we would be  on a nature more they could feel an advantage of the natural world over artificial?

The Soldier’s Fortune

Once they rushed into the village where the armed Taliban sat down. They were committed to cleanse each house. Dan with the group and the lieutenant Stanley approached a poor hut. “Get, get out the house immediately!” cried out Stanley. An old man with a turban ran out straight on the lieutenant. Stanley was shouting without ceasing and shot the poor man rather by inertia. A wildly shouting wife and, incessantly shouting kids ran out after the old man.

Dan was stupefied. “What you…, what are you doing, man?” he questioned incessantly, addressing to Stanley. He was swearing wildly splashing his saliva. They quickly rounded the house. Dan looked back and saw how all family was inclined over the unfortunate. However, the woman (his wife or daughter is unclear!) caught them up and, having seized Stanley by breasts stridently shouted. It wasn’t necessary the translator to understand the sense of her words: she damned all Yankees, then, spat in the lieutenant face! Shocked Stanley wasn’t even wiped. They went further as the beaten dogs.

Then, such things happened more than once. And once, they in an emphasis shot the young man, who having armed with a pitchfork didn’t let them in a home. It appeared that he just married, and didn’t want to allow the infidels to get in a bedroom where his wife was sleeping! Dan remembered Ginny and imagined how he would feel if the armed people get into his house. He understood that he’s turning into the killing machine, but at the same time realized that it was the beginning of the end!

There’s a ghost out in the hall, there’s a ghoul under the bed!

How it is good to be on a holiday once in a year!

Contact with the magnificent nature, vivifying springs, fresh air return us to our nature. Blissful smiles of the peasants, wiping sweat after creative labor cause a certain sense of shame for fussy, urban  life and petty thoughts of the philistine!

Memory returns in an everyday routine and the faces of people, tired of this routine, on streets and in public transportation! Gloomy faces! Your blissful smile raised by fine dawn and good mood causes their embittered misunderstanding!

Evil empty eyes! Eyes without hope shadow! Do you think they are living people? They are ghosts!


What could reanimate them? The unexpected message about the fallen-down inheritance? Ardent love or pharisaic lectures on positive thinking? Anyway, to me, the silly optimist  those ghosts cause compassion!

But whether they need our pious sermons? But resuscitation requires understanding!

One can always  make  one’s own entertainment! And what do you think?


The Turn by Vadim Gazi (Vagif Gaziyev).

He slowly undid the massive buttons of her charming blouse. To his look the swarthy, rising breast with the peaked pink nipples opened!

She felt his strong hairy hands on the breast. “The imaginary has become obvious!” the trite thought rushed at her.

He kissed her breast with tenderness, leading his tongue round on her nipples. And all this time she felt his hands which were gently ironing all her body. His hand slowly went down under her lacy bikini and his fingers shyly groped the vagina! Then also slowly kissing he started going down to the navel and more down… He continued this “torture” slowly caressing and kissing her below!

Natalie was heated, and also wet below from the passion. She moaned from the pleasure and, having bent down to him, who was caressing her vagina, whispered to his ear with awe: “I can’t bear it, I’m begging you, please, please, enter, enter me!”

He laid her on the bed, continuing tenderly to cover her body with the kisses. She felt on herself his ticklish kisses, the state was so enthusiastic that she wanted both to escape and to stay! And from his hot hands such energy was proceeding as if it was an electric current!

Her hands feverishly undid his shirt and, slowly falling, groped the massive horse that was torn from the leash to the freedom!

He slowly took off her lacy bikini from and groped her elastic buttocks, imperiously moved apart her beautiful legs and slowly entered her!

She let out delighted shout of pleasure. Al vigorously pushed his body: she, having dexterously raised her body and moved in unison with him! In a few minutes he replaced the pose, imperiously, having grabbed her hips, having attached behind her again, and again seized her!

With passionate ecstasy Natalie turned the head to behold the coition of their bodies! Standing so, she felt his hot hands squeezing her nipples and was submitted to his power with the humility of a slave. His brawny, slightly suntanned feet densely nestled on her smooth, roundish feet: during this instant she felt that she belongs to him both with her body and soul!

Al, embraced her behind, continued to cover all her body with hot kisses! They merged in a final kiss when he was convulsively hammered in an orgasm.


I was a young man when I died, I was a flash, I was full of pride! Deep Purple.

Italian Fabiano Antoniani, 40, reportedly killed himself yesterday by pressing a button after he was approved for euthanasia in a Dignitas clinic in Forch, Switzerland.


Fabiano Antoniani ended his life in a Switzerland suicide clinic after a horror car crash left him paralysed.


He died surrounded by his family and his girlfriend after he was approved for euthanasia in a clinic in Forch, Switzerland, this week

The DJ had battled for three years to get approval from the Italian government to take his own life, even begging President Sergio Mattarella to end his “nightmare”.

But he was forced to travel to Switzerland after a debate for a change in the law to allow assisted suicide was shelved 11 times in Parliament after strong opposition.



The DJ was left blind and quadriplegic in 2014 after smashing into another car when he bent over while driving to pick up his mobile phone.

He was fed with a tube connected to his stomach and had to be cared for 24 hours-a-day because he could not move his arms or legs.

The DJ killed himself by pressing a button himself which contained a lethal substance.

He had attempted rehabilitation and other experimental treatments

Mr Antoniani, who was also known as DJ Fabo, had attempted rehabilitation and other experimental treatments, but did not see enough improvement.

After arriving in Switzerland, Mr Antoniani released a final statement saying: “Finally I have managed to arrive to Switzerland.

“I have arrived alone, without the help of the State. I will be relieved soon from this hell of pain.”

In his final days he explained his life no longer had any sense for him, according to ANSA.


Last month the DJ sent a video to the Italian President, begging him: “Please, let me die. I live in a nightmare that never ends”

“I’m unable to support the physical and mental pain,” he said in a document that was delivered to the Luca Coscioni right-to-die association.

“I live at my mother’s home in Milan with a person who helps me and my girlfriend who spends as much time as possible with me.

“They take me out often, but I don’t want to. My days are soaked with suffering and desperation, as I longer find a sense to my life now.

“I am firmly determined to end this agony of mine, as I consider this more dignified and coherent to the person that I am”.

Last month the DJ sent a video to the Italian President, begging him: “Please, let me die. I live in a nightmare that never ends.”



He had battled for three years to get approval from the Italian government to end his own life, pictured before the accident



His girlfriend, Valeria Imbrogno, posted a heartbreaking message on Facebook


Ms Imbrogno posted a heartbreaking message on Facebook, saying: “I wish this night would never end.”

Activist Marco Cappato, who supported Mr Antoniani in his journey, claimed that the DJ killed himself by pressing a button which contained a lethal substance.

The case has since sparked a heated debate in Italy.

Some have called for Mr Cappato to face charges for the DJ’s death after helping him to book tickets to travel to Switzerland.

nintchdbpict0003054441391Flomena Gallo, the secretary of a pro-euthanasia charity called Association Luca Coscioni, said they regularly have people contacting them and asking for help.

She said euthanasia in Switzerland costs around £8,510 or €10,000, so it is not done on a whim.

She said: “There are a lot of Italians who ask us for information about how to do it.

“In 2015, 225 asked us. Of those, 117 decided to go to Switzerland and not all of them decided, in the end, to die.

“Some of them, after some tests and medical revisions decided to come back to Italy. The question is to have the option of deciding for yourself.”


Do you accept euthanasia?