The Gender Stereotypes.

I wouldn’t like to open this bored discussion based on the stereotype is that males are superior than women. Armed with some undeniable arguments I’m going to disarm the most bold opponents and to impact them with my recent enlightenments!

I woke up determined to change something in my hectic life resolutely and was ashamed remembering my fussy thoughts! Some unknown, warm poured out all of my body and all of my attempts to prove my “exclusiveness” fade away, giving a way to some majestic harmony destroying all the trifles! On the background of this wavy harmony I saw my wife who selflessly was busy with the vacuum cleaner. Then she served us at the table treating with her unforgettable donuts.


images-1I switched on TV where the German chancellor Angela Merkel sublimely was marching near reverently applauding males! I put my headphones on and turned on the radio: the fantastic jazz performing by the brilliant Keiko Matsui was heard! Then I came up to the book shelf and chose the novel of the great Agatha Christie and plunge into the magician world of detective!



kmo_064142_00121_1_t219During an hour I’ ve been surrounding by exclusively outstanding females ranging from the housewife till the jazz musician! That is the brilliant answer to the males banal answer that all the best politicians, writers and musicians are the representatives of strongest sex!

But I couldn’t get rid of the recall where I was arguing with my students from Business Administration Faculty about the role of women in the family! Most of male students were arguing with the involvement of women in business. They told if women are involved in business their success leading to the domination of woman in the family! And males in such families feel humiliated themselves and it’s resulting with divorce! Female students were arguing with them passionately, bringing their own counter – arguments!

But the statistics show another facts. That was an interview with the Muslim business woman:

Q: Have you encountered any difficulties as a Muslim woman when running your business? If yes, can you describe for providing advice to other Muslimahs considering starting a business? If no, can you describe some of your successes?

A.: Balancing work and family has been my biggest challenge. The two most important pieces of advice that I would offer are to always make dua and to create a schedule!

Nevertheless, a growing number of Muslim women in Indonesia are working to earn an income to meet their household’s needs. As traditional Islamic teaching prescribes that men should be the main breadwinners for their family, and Indonesian Family Law (1974) also stipulates that husbands are the head of the household, economically successful married women have been put into an awkward position. In view of this development, this article explores how Indonesian middle-class Muslim women have been negotiating between their Islamic values and economic necessity. The article shows that the need to generate an income has led to working Muslim women moderating their Islamic values, enabling them to justify extending their responsibilities into the public domain. We argue that working Muslim women are playing a key role in moderating Islamic theological interpretations and perceptions of Islamic womanhood in contemporary Indonesia. (

So give them the real freedom? Give them a power! And may be the world would become more peaceful, merciful?

What do you think how to combine the business with the family life for the business women?

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Khadīja b. Khuwaylid (d. 620). Even before her famous marriage to the Prophet Muhammad, she was an important figure in her own right, being a successful merchant and one of the elite figures of Mecca. She played a central role in supporting and propagating the new faith of Islam and has the distinction of being the first Muslim. As the Prophet Muhammad himself is believed to have said in a hadith preserved in Sahih Muslim: “God Almighty never granted me anyone better in this life than her. She accepted me when people rejected me; she believed in me when people doubted me; she shared her wealth with me when people deprived me; and God granted me children only through her.” Indeed, another of the most important women of early Islam, Fāṭima al-Zahrā’, was the daughter of the Prophet by Khadīja and it is only through Fāṭima (especially through her two sons, al-Hasan and al-Husayn) that the lineage of the Prophet Muhammad is preserved. These facts make Fāṭima and her mother Khadīja among the most revered female personages in Islamic history.

“The best among you the one who best of all treats the wife and daughters” Prophet Muhammad.