Maybe nature has a plan to control the way of man!



Have you ever noticed with what persistent constancy day replaces night, winter – spring, the sun – cloudiness? With what arrogance to human passions, wars, a grief, pleasures birdies carelessly chirp? As though the nature doesn’t care about the human: to his acts low and magnificent, to his creations and destruction!

The nature influences us and whether we influence it (if not to consider our barbarous, destructive treatment with the ecology) the thoughts which we consider great, or they are illusion of our extreme conceit?


We an unfortunate experiment or possess some vivifying mission?

The nature doesn’t care about the discoveries destroying the planet and mankind and triumphal ascent of the climbers submitting Everest where they leave tons of untidy garbage!


Perhaps, it cares about creativity which though a little bit will be able to help to realize our barbarous relation to her! And, perhaps, it would be desirable to believe that  we’ll be able to live, at least partially in harmony with it, at least like lions who after successful hunting for a gazelle, majestically and passionlessly behold the passing by herd of these graceful creations!

What would you say?