Hi, my dear readers! My name is Vagif Gaziyev (pen name Vadim Gazi). I’m sociologist, writer, motivational speaker. I’m writing for the people who love life and beauty and who disappointed in life!

I don’t believe , I know that love is burning in everyone! My goal is to lit it up in your soul!

My goal is to lit it up in your soul! I travelled all over the Europe and twice been to US. The acquaintance with D.C. in and Montana became an inspiration for writing a novel  The Soldier’s Fortune. It’s a love story of American marine, who he fell in love with an Afghani girl Aisha. (Order links:


I’m proponent of eternal learning, innovation, creativity which inspiring your sleeping inner world full of fantasy.

I’m confidently stating that all we must aspire for self – actualization and fulfill all our dreams.

I’m fond of cordial conversations. They help people to share their brilliant ideas and intoxicate with an enlightenment everyone of us!

I was a witness how my elder brother and my dad were dying from the cancer! Since that terrible time my credo is there is nothing beautiful in life than life itself!

Let’s make our life by our own scenario!