Violence! A nasty word and causing a negative feeling! It is blamed by all religions and secular legislations! They judge for it, put in prisons and deprive of life! But very few people think of violence over themselves! Occasionally it accompanies  all our life!

Don’t we rape ourselves going to work daily which we do not love, living with people to which our feelings cooled down long ago, telling words which we do not want to tell! How long it is possible to mock ourselves?! Tyrants over others are caught and stop sufferings of people! We not in forces to stop these infinite tortures over ourselves and we doom ourselves to incurable diseases and premature death!


How to escape from this prison and to stop tortures? The main character of the movie, The Shawshank Redemption floated through a sewer pipe of five football fields to avoid prison! But before it he thought of the plan of escape during the whole 20 years!


We can spend 20 years for the inert life complete of disgusting daily repetitions, and we can break to new life!


Where to begin with? Can you just listen to yourself in the beginning? When did you do it last time? To remove TV, radio, the Internet, mobile, they so inconsiderately intruded in our existence, having made us of their pathetic slaves! To hear yourself, your unique entity! All our life we were taught to respect and love others, but not ourselves!  They molded bricks from us which are so easy for controlling.

Maybe we will hear ourselves, having spent for it not 20 years, but only 20 minutes, hour, 5 hours, the whole day? So don’t hesitate buddy, get ready for the jump!




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