There’s a ghost out in the hall, there’s a ghoul under the bed!

How it is good to be on a holiday once in a year!

Contact with the magnificent nature, vivifying springs, fresh air return us to our nature. Blissful smiles of the peasants, wiping sweat after creative labor cause a certain sense of shame for fussy, urban  life and petty thoughts of the philistine!

Memory returns in an everyday routine and the faces of people, tired of this routine, on streets and in public transportation! Gloomy faces! Your blissful smile raised by fine dawn and good mood causes their embittered misunderstanding!

Evil empty eyes! Eyes without hope shadow! Do you think they are living people? They are ghosts!


What could reanimate them? The unexpected message about the fallen-down inheritance? Ardent love or pharisaic lectures on positive thinking? Anyway, to me, the silly optimist  those ghosts cause compassion!

But whether they need our pious sermons? But resuscitation requires understanding!

One can always  make  one’s own entertainment! And what do you think?



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