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Yo soy un hombre sincero

De donde crece la palma!

David Hart’s Cuban fantasies. David Hart’s  confession: “The Spring ’18 collection is inspired by tourism to Cuba. Unfortunately, since I started development, recent events in the USA have started a roll back on restrictions on easy travel there.

“This collection is a celebration of the world’s view of Cuba and not a literal one. I personally have never been to Cuba, so this collection is based on an idea of Cuba I’ve been exposed to through books, media, and cinema as an American.”

The collections  strike with an abundance of bright paints! Also the palette of the races representing rough imagination of the artist is so multi-color. Rich colors dip the viewer into the careless and joyful world of tourist rest and tickle women’s imagination with an anticipation from unexpected, fleeting summer meetings!



You’re not in the army now!

Because being a 27-year-old African-American, openly gay soldier in the United States military wasn’t enough of a challenge, Julian Woodhouse also used to run to model castings before and after work, or sometimes even during his lunch break. He also happened to be based in Seul, but being a self-proclaimed “army brat” and having moved every two years since birth, Woodhouse is uniquely skilled in constructing a new idea of normal. He’s since gone on to start his own namesake brand, Wood House, and he’s only just getting started.

“I see something that I want, and then my military brain figures out the logistics of how to get there,” said Woodhouse a week before his presentation at New York Fashion Week: Men’s, which took place today. “And then the other part of my brain is like, ‘Okay, cool! Let’s do it!’”

3-wood-house 12WOODHOUSE3-master675



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