Happy Return!

The Prisms.

Have you ever thought of a role of prisms? As they change our view of the world!

The strange beings are people! They are under the power of the stereotypes imposed by society, system! It is important to society to hold the personality under the power of the prejudices which are worked out by it: it is so easier to create the zombie, obedient to his ideology!

Of course, there are universal canons of morality. But concepts about that what is good and bad are conditional, they a product of our cultural distinctions! It was noted still by the great Greek philosopher Pirron. He called nothing neither fine, nor fair, and human acts are directed only the law and custom. “Really, same for one it is fair, for others it is unfair, for one good, for others is bad. The Persians consider normal to marry their own daughters, and for the Greeks it is illegal. Egyptians embalm the dead men, the Romans burn them. Therefore it is necessary to refrain from an opinion what is true and what isn’t. ”

For the suicider a death is the revolt and a desired method of disposal of hated life, for the optimist is an awful nonsense. The jealous man kills the wife and her lover, for some people to lay down the traveler for the night with the wife is the rule of hospitality, and the western swinger derives pleasure and reaches an orgasm, seeing as other men give pleasure to his wife!

Everything depends on what prism to look at this or that phenomenon! But don’t judge! In the company of cannibals it isn’t shameful to eat the human meat and, perhaps, for them the criminal is any vegetarian who trampled on cannibalism canons!

You can understand, but not to accept! The prisms returning us to our identity will help to understand it! They return us to ourselves, to our human entity!


Vagif Gaziyev (Vadim Gazi).


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