The Turn by Vadim Gazi (Vagif Gaziyev).

He slowly undid the massive buttons of her charming blouse. To his look the swarthy, rising breast with the peaked pink nipples opened!

She felt his strong hairy hands on the breast. “The imaginary has become obvious!” the trite thought rushed at her.

He kissed her breast with tenderness, leading his tongue round on her nipples. And all this time she felt his hands which were gently ironing all her body. His hand slowly went down under her lacy bikini and his fingers shyly groped the vagina! Then also slowly kissing he started going down to the navel and more down… He continued this “torture” slowly caressing and kissing her below!

Natalie was heated, and also wet below from the passion. She moaned from the pleasure and, having bent down to him, who was caressing her vagina, whispered to his ear with awe: “I can’t bear it, I’m begging you, please, please, enter, enter me!”

He laid her on the bed, continuing tenderly to cover her body with the kisses. She felt on herself his ticklish kisses, the state was so enthusiastic that she wanted both to escape and to stay! And from his hot hands such energy was proceeding as if it was an electric current!

Her hands feverishly undid his shirt and, slowly falling, groped the massive horse that was torn from the leash to the freedom!

He slowly took off her lacy bikini from and groped her elastic buttocks, imperiously moved apart her beautiful legs and slowly entered her!

She let out delighted shout of pleasure. Al vigorously pushed his body: she, having dexterously raised her body and moved in unison with him! In a few minutes he replaced the pose, imperiously, having grabbed her hips, having attached behind her again, and again seized her!

With passionate ecstasy Natalie turned the head to behold the coition of their bodies! Standing so, she felt his hot hands squeezing her nipples and was submitted to his power with the humility of a slave. His brawny, slightly suntanned feet densely nestled on her smooth, roundish feet: during this instant she felt that she belongs to him both with her body and soul!

Al, embraced her behind, continued to cover all her body with hot kisses! They merged in a final kiss when he was convulsively hammered in an orgasm.



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