Harmony and me: we’re pretty good company, looking for an island!

I woke up with disturbing fussy thoughts of day future. Thoughts of unfulfilled dreams caused pain, aggravating a pessimistic spirit of day!

The breakfast was combined with viewing of television where faces of nasty politicians or natural scenes of the American movies with the scene hugging of a toilet bowl poisoned all the eating  process. Shuffle of the news from the Internet or  an unnecessary dispute with relatives poisoned a meal even more!

Faces of people on streets and their banal talk upset more, causing disgust and irritation, to these “infusorians”.

And what if… And what if to live according to own, more perfect scenario.

  INT – MORNING. MY BEDROOM. I wake up, smiling to unpredictability of the forthcoming day.

Each my action is full of smooth harmony.

 INT – MORNING. Kitchen.

My ancestors ate beginning and finishing a meal with gratitude to God. I can’t pray. Just I exclude TV., mobile not to prevent, to a religious rite” my meal! My thoughts not where that there: I am present only here and now, sedately absorbing this magic food!

EXT -DAY. I stride down the street with a blissful smile from my discovery. All people: primitives and intellectuals are represented by the gift from the Universe and I’m grateful to it for this variety of human characters. Roughness of people raises my indulgent smile: it is impossible to take offense at a fruit if it is unripe!

My speech.

It is deprived of fussiness and obediently follows the clearness of my thoughts. In her there is no place of envy and to malignant gossip.

Only in one I share with society: conscientious service to people, but without giving anything and without endowing anything to the detriment of my identity!

I wonder how this stately harmony will last long?



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