Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, who are you? what have you sacrificed?

Today the millions are waiting for the miraculous  fire in Christ Redeemer’s temple or other miracles from the icons in temples! But the greatest miracle granted by him is belief!

Yes, with his name crusades were made, the rivers of blood flew, great scientists, heretics and, in general, people not concordant with the official doctrine were burned! But, you see, any doctrine can be perverted and it happened throughout history.

I am non religious, but I understand all greatness of this doctrine. Jesus revolutionary of human consciousness! Forgive, Bless Your Enemies, Assimilate to Children – these precepts of Jesus a real miracle. He returns us to our nature! These precepts treat incurable diseases, people receive a second breath and change, having found new life, and miracles become a reality.

Imagine how happy we would be if could, at least in an insignificant measure forgiving, blessing our enemies and assimilating to children. Maybe we could stop aging, wouldn’t grumble, and would lead a life of the real people!!! Glory to you to you Isa, son of Maryam!



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