You would seem to know my stops. You would pluck out the heart of my mystery. You can fret me, yet you cannot play upon me!

Ocean of information. Sometimes it is contradictory so that you don’t know  what to trust. Filter everything what they impose through your own sieve. Whether this information corresponds to you, how far it is equitable to your interests, requirements. If yes, thanks God, Glory to the Internet!

If it isn’t – we have a fine opportunity to send all down. The Universe has blessed us with such fine gift as a choice. Don’t look for adventures on a bum. If it is comfortable to you, with your status – quo don’t load yourself  with the excess garbage!

It would be desirable to concern some phenomena which rage in public life and sometimes lead to quite fatal consequences.

Throughout the history religion dealt with the problems of soul. All sincere problems were solved by visiting of religious temples (synagogues, churches, mosques) where people having prayed and having confessed to any confessors left more pacified, having more or less solved the sincere problems.

Today there are newly made gurus giving you advice for all occasions. As though they know all subtleties of your soul, all variety of your character, all injuries done to you! They suggest not to be angry, not to be upset, not to be afraid, not to regret, show you how to become a perfection within a month, year. In completion information, already paid (!) follows the suggestion to subscribe for the website or to buy the book!

And we who were desperate of infinite failures avidly listen to these hunters of souls” and we hurry to turn in ridiculous robots or into their fanatical pupils! Hunters of human souls! Dream dealers! They have got a false idea that they know all strings of our soul!

They don’t know as far as we are specific, many-sided and unique! As if it is possible to drive all variety of human life in a framework of instructions! In the childhood nobody learned to enjoy life, forget offenses and to meet friendly all people! Let’s glance in ourselves and restore everything what helped us to live!

Vagif Gaziyev ( Vadim Gazi).


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