You great star! What would your happiness be, had you not those for whom you shine? Thus Spoke Zarathustra F. Nietzsche



800px-Изображение_1175Nouruz in Azerbaijan (AzerbaijaniNovruz Bayramı) is a traditional holiday, which celebrates the New Year, and the coming of Spring in Azerbaijan Republic and Iranian Azerbaijan. When North Azerbaijan was part of the Soviet Union, celebration of Nouruz was generally unofficial, and at times even prohibited. Currently in Azerbaijan, Nouruz is treated as an official public holiday. In accordance with Article 105 of the Labour Code of Azerbaijan passed in 2006, workers receive five days off for Nouruz. After neighbouring Iran, Azerbaijan hosts the longest observance and amount of public days related to Nouruz, with thus a total (including weekend) of 7 days.

The big role in Nouruz belongs to sun. Sun is a symbol of heat, awakening of the nature, new cycle in humans life. Even traditional baked loaf has rounded form of sun in the center of which usually they put a turmeric mixed with a pepper: symbol of scorching luminary!



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