Clean your brain!

Happiness is an ease and harmony.

  Sometimes  we don’t know that happiness is our inalienable right. Who is able to take it away  except ourselves?! Freight of daily desires and cares presses, preventing to notice regular miracles! This freight brings wild turmoil in our thoughts and a way of life.

  Happiness is an ease, it’s a soaring. In this soaring you don’t see trivia, you are far from prejudices.

Happiness is a harmony! It is smoothness instead of vanity, it is your own stately harmony which muffles cacophony of the stereotypes imposed to us!

 Happiness is a whim! You saw a smile of blessed Saints and mentally ill people? Become them at least for a moment, for an hour, for one day! You will see that the real madness is to be in captivity of the prejudices, stereotypes and will be terrified to what monster we were turned by society!

Vadim Gazi (Vagif Gaziyev).


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