Perché ne sono fiero sono un italiano, un italiano vero!

We haven’t recovered from the bright paints of the London fashion week as bright paints of fashion designers began to entice us in the magic nets in Milan!



gucci-2017-springsummer-womenswear-look-02The fantastic kaleidoscope unruly imaginations changes with amazing speed! Proudly marching strong-willed faces of men are replacing by the languid beauties in the bright fineries. It seems that there will be no end to this celebration of human imagination! The madness of paints striking, unforgettable and reminding the mad paints of van Gogh long still loom before eyes.



imagesAgain Giorgio Armani flashed with the unpredictability! Guys with the brutal faces, a retro hats, and graceful scarves showed remarkable, fascinating paints of practical suits of this immortal master! Their velvet trousers of loose fit and scarves were successfully combined with dashing leather jackets! But the clumsy coats were the total disharmony or may be some syncope to the yellow trousers of the audacious models!


2111Versace’s red and black colors were bringing some solidarity of youth movement!







2662Diesel Black Gold is becoming quite popular in the cities. Designer Andreas Melbostad skillfully combining plenty of black, royal blue, and stone grey.

Whether looking at this carnival it is possible to speak about the dying fashion! Oh no, she retires back to a prudish retro and quickly shoots ahead having absorbed herself as a sponge new, rebellious trends of unruly youth.





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