001950e3-4fae-45fa-914c-3c890f609785To be frank, having learned about the forthcoming fashion week I haven’t felt special joy. I’ve imagined the released faces of models walking up and down in coarse, bulky attires. Such attires are usually impractical, bulky and spark caustic criticism of experts.



a_kd0c0602_4_jpg_68_north_660x_white However this exhibition of fashion has struck with the saturation, democratism and mad paints of surrealists imaginations are a match.

This fashion week dazzled with the number and variety of the participants. Let’s say, the appearance of the mayor of London both its simple and sincere speech have caused sympathy and respect of all attendees.

The models who  were quickly replacing each other with originally male confidence showed originality of the bright attires!

Demonstration of street fashion became a special event! And in this whirlpool of courageous decisions of fashion designers the palette of the most various men’s faces flashed: brutal heartbreakers and gentle romantics, impudent hooligans and haughty dandies. It was possible to meet even faces of the wise old men pacifying the radiance mad passion of unruly youth!

In this positive celebration of beauty of different races the indestructible victory of multiculturalism shone!

British rapper Tinie Tempah made his catwalk debut at London Fashion Week Men’s on Saturday with a minimalistic, casualwear collection inspired by architecture and “the everyday man”.
ax6i0830_1_jpg_931_north_660x_white         a_kd0c0641_5_jpg_3588_north_1160x_white


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