O yeah! A difficult thing these stereotypes! Therefore they are subdivided on the following signs:

  • national
  • racial
  • religious
  • political
  • age
  • sexual
  • social

I think that dear reader is rather informed on these facts and there is no need in detail explaining of them. I just want to show the most striking examples and to show ways of their overcoming.

  • National. I already set an example of what negative stereotypes are connected with Russians. To reveal the falsehood of this stereotype I will tell that from all my familiar Russians living in my hometown of Baku – there is no seriously drinking person! However my spouse who studied in Russia and saw awfully drunk Russian maids claims that my friends teetotal as they grew up in our country, but not in Russia! It means that her stereotypes about Russians already developed into prejudices and bias, and these are already symptoms of a disease!

Take a look on the nations who are in a state of conflicts! Can you change their enemy image created by their media or public opinion! Your miserable talks about the multiculturalism can emerge a sense of hatred and even attack of nationalists! But are they guilty alone?

In 30 -s of the XX century mad anti-Jewish propaganda of fascism led to the Holocaust.

Striking example of falsehood of national stereotypes is Oskar Schindler’s image, the German who in the years of the II world war saved hundreds of Jews. However, the remarkable movie of Spielberg speaks about it more eloquently, than my dry statistics.

Now is it clear to you that not only ourselves are guilty of the garbage which accumulated in our poor head, but also other factors, beginning from media and finishing false prejudices of our relatives and acquaintances?!




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