But before cleaning a garbage from the head let’s look for the pollution reason. It is easy to accuse  ourselves for the pollution reason.

What happened that we ceased to enjoy life as kids? Why we don’t manage to assimilate to kids and to smile weeping instantly having forgotten about everything?

The main fault to all is our generalization! This greatest, philosophical gift by a time turns into the load for mind in human relations!

It generates stereotypes in our consciousness.

But stereotypes have both a negative and positive side!

Benefit positive stereotypes that they don’t require the serious analysis. What occurs to you in case of the word Dubai? We will tell in advance that it is hot, eastern country and we shouldn’t take with ourselves warm clothes!

Now be careful! Negative stereotypes! What associations coming to your mind with the word Russians. 99% of my students answer: alcoholism, roughness, abuse on streets, a terrible frost! At the same time the great Russian culture and its representatives is forgotten. No one is saying in advance: Dostoyevsky, Tolstoy, Chekhov, Tchaikovsky!

Here’s a danger of the negative stereotypes and they’re giving  a rise to prejudices and bias! And they  are a direct way to infection of your consciousness and to the conflicts!


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