Chapter 3

The first shots, similar to the claps were heard. Then a machine gun began knocking mercilessly. The heart-rending shouts of the commanders sounded. “Here it is!” he thought with some horrible delight. It resembled the beginning of a ritual. Further, everything instantly switched on like someone operated mechanical dream!

He ran in some catalepsy, shooting to the right and on the left, and the fellows, running nearby also shot and shouted, unclear what! He ran and ran, frenziedly shooting, and desperately swearing.

The devil harmony of the war was sounded! And with the unison of this harmony there was some devil smell of sulfur. After the wild skirmish, they settled on the rest on a small glade, smelling with the fragrant grass. Nearby, behind the bushes a small stream was running. For the guys it appeared a real paradise! The lieutenant Stanley warned that if someone decides to wash, he will become an excellent target for the Taliban. He still was speaking something. Dan sprawled on a grass, having enclosed hands under the head: he tried to analyze the events, but the monotonous edifications of Stanley turned into the buzzing sounds, and he plunged into a delightful dream. He sees Ginny; they’re sitting at the Yellowstone’s lake: she brings violets to his face. Through the flowers he sees her eyes, directed on him in love! He regained the consciousness, when the flying splinter of a shell pierced Josh’s throat, who instantly failed, twitching and wheezing…

In the next days the shock of the first fights disappeared, and he was already fighting without any emotions, having entered in a battle rhythm, as the teacher of music, performing the bored part.

He hated this country, its inhabitants, and martyrs ready to blow up themselves! Each person with a turban and a long beard, and all those who were without the turban and beard seemed to him as a disguised terrorists coiled with the trotyl.


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