50811010-copyHaving appeared they shocked society, and caused disgust and hatred among some people! It was the most shocking defy to an establishment!

However their clothes, hairstyles and mad piercing have begun to get into fashion, music, movie… But the unimaginable colors known, maybe, to the mad imagination of surrealists and representatives of vanguard became the most tremendous for the world of fashion, in my opinion.

Namely Salvador Dali with the scandalous look of schizophrenic and fantastic moustaches was one of the first punks and the representative of a counterculture! images-1

However despite all predictions of critics that the punk the culture will hold on not for long – this culture became durable! She as a sponge absorbs in herself all trends of the present and becomes even more colourful as bright hair of modern beauties!



Vadim Gazi ( Vagif Gaziyev).


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