She opened the door, and they without any words clasped each other in arms. She was dressed only in a shirt and fashionable thongs that gave her indescribable sexuality. Al lifted her on hands, and she twisted his waist with the feet. Keeping her in the embraces he passed in the living room and carefully laid her on the carpet. In the room the magic music was heard: Ravi Shankar’s sitar gave special greatness and harmony to their love coition! All the room exhaled an aroma.

“I wonder is it for me or for the patients?” rushed in Al’s head.

images-4He slowly kissed her in the opened petals of lips, her cheeks, ears, and her breast, without undoing a shirt. He didn’t want to change this charming type of a seminude body.

She with a delightful shiver felt how his exciting kisses on all her body accrued in unison in process of increase of duel of Shankar with drums! His exciting kisses inevitably proceeded when he reached the most intimate place! Having convulsively seized his head, Natalie pressed it to her vagina and, let out the lingering, in agony groan of an orgasm!

Now she was lying helpless as a child. Al laid her down nearby and with tenderness having embraced, carefully ironed her hair. images-3

“You are a ladies’ man!” having raised a thin finger she burst out laughing.

“Oh, yeah! Women is my religion!” he smiled wearily.

“You got a good religion!” she burst out laughing again, and he excited by her laughter clamped her mouth a passionate kiss. She continued to laugh for some seconds with the clamped mouth that even more inflamed him. Then his excitement was also transferred to her, and the playful laughter turned into her muffled groans…  images-2

It seemed there was no end to their passionate joys, appear, when the most delightful instant was broken, destroyed by the sharp cry of a mobile phone! Zoe was calling. He apologized and went to a long corridor of the hall. Here he blinked, trying to get it together not to insult Zoe.

“Have you bought what is necessary?”

“I have”, Al answered.

“Are you soon?”

“Soon”, he said with the same tone.

He returned to Natalie inspired. She was standing on a wide verandah, where a fantastic view of the sea and the entire city opened from. From a distance she reminded the figurine turned by the sculptor. Al suddenly thought that was corresponding to all the requirements of the goddess!

He gently embraced her behind and said, pensively looking at the sea:

“With what pleasure I would live here!”

“You can make it any time!” she answered, having turned the head and gently run her hand over his neck. She took her breath away when she imagined the life with him.

“We would share with the impressions about books, movies, and music!” whispered Al.

“And in the breaks we would make love!” she burst out laughing playfully.

“I should go!” Al sighed with a grief, without letting her out from embraces.

“Okay!” she answered, without tearing off a look from the sea.

“You never ask me about my private life!” he said suddenly, with interest looking in her eyes.

“I know everything!” she answered, kissing his lips. “And you will tell what I don’t know. If you think it’s necessary, of course!”

He left her with an aching heart…



Vadim Gazi, The Turn




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