Listen and learn, but don’t listen with an open mouth to any information of speakers, even to mine! You carry out information through own sieve: whether it suits you?

  • In the USA the author of the book on family harmony, How to keep defect killed the wife and uploaded the picture of a corpse in Facebook.
  • Dale Carnegie the author of the book How to Win Friends and Influence People died all alone. famous-sagittarius-2
  • Benjamin Spock of the author of the best-seller, the Child and Care of Him was handed over to the pensioner’s house by his.
  • The Korean writer the author of best-sellers, how to be happy hung herself from a depression.
  • The great actor Robin Uilliams who forced to smile and laugh at little things in life finished himself alone. images-9
    All this that it is necessary to know about any trainings of personal growth, esoteric gurus, business coaches and others.LISTEN TO YOUR HEART!

    Vadim Gazi ( Vagif Gaziyev).


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