Al warmly said goodbye to the loving couple and went out. In the street he greedily took a sip fresh air and feverishly dialed her number.

“Hallo!” He hoarsely exhaled.

“Alex! Is that you?!” the voice which became so native joyfully exclaimed.”I’ve been thinking about you!” she quickly told. A heat spread on Al’s body.

“Can we meet?!” both of them told in unison and burst out laughing.

He easily found her house which was appeared in that part of the city what he especially loved. And this stately building, with a huge chiming clock where she lived always admired by him!

Being a teenager, looking at this building, he spoke to the friends: “I wish, I could live in such a house! On the very top! To wake up in the mornings and to draw the sea, the city!” on what Nick intriguingly smiled, and Rudd seeing a girl off with the eyes, hit him on a shoulder, exclaiming: “Hey, Dude! Look, what a butt!…”

With warmth he thought of his friends, so different, but supplementing each other.

“What a butt! Rudd was such a joker already then, the teenager!” Al mentally burst out laughing. “And after all, thanks to him I met Natalie!”

Natalie’s apartment appeared though not on the top, but on the eleventh floor: from here the remarkable view of the sea and the city opened!


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