“No, no, by no means!” Al quickly objected. “Could you tell me a name of your…” he faltered, without knowing how to call George’s passion.

“Oh!” George stretched voluptuously. “She got a divine name. It excites me every time – as I pronounce it!”

These some seconds of George’s delightful confessions seemed to Al as an infernal expectation. “Olga!” blurted out George and Al’s heart lifted.

“Early rejoice!” the double sitting opposite, fixedly looked at him. “She could have given a false name!”

“By the way, she has to come up now!” George again confidentially bent to him.

“Well! What will you do, having seen your beloved?”

“You are pathetic!” Al has grinned victoriously.

At this minute a fragile and surprisingly pretty woman approached George from a side and, having bent down, with tenderness gave a smacking kiss to him in a chubby cheek. George joyfully answered her kiss and with vivacity presented her to Al.

She was dressed in a strict business suit and Al hardly believed that this elegantly dressed woman with thin, aristocratic features is capable for the most sophisticated erotic imaginations.

They spoke with enthusiasm, looking in each other’s eyes with love. Al felt sympathetic warmth to this couple and remembered Natalie. His heart sadly clenched. He decided to leave.

“I promise to be engaged with your pictures, buddy!” George exclaimed. “I have some guys on mind.”



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