He went to Ginny with a great relief at heart after a meeting with Jim. He saw an unusual animation in front of her house. It turned out that Barry Lindsey, the elder brother of Ginny, who was serving in Iraq, has returned. Dan stopped the car and was going to drive off. However, Ginny, having seen him, made a sign to approach closer. He approached them unwillingly.

“Barry!” Ginny declared, gently embracing the brother. “This is Dan McCormick, my friend!”

The high robust fellow, with the lieutenant’s stripes, gave him a hand with vivacity.

“Hi, Dan!” They weren’t really similar with the sister. Barry was the brunette with little narrow eyes like his father. And his skin was swarthy: perhaps, from the merciless sun of Iraq.

“Well! Let’s go in!” Jessica ordered. Dan faced a look of Ginny’s father. That took a look and tried to express similarity of a smile: “Welcome, Dan!” with a clumsy gesture, inviting Dan in the house.

“Probably, Ginny with mother fairly have worked over him!” Dan thought derisively.

They entered a mansion, and proceeded in a drawing room, where were waited by a magnificent table with a set of viands. Around the precautionary and elegantly dressed waiters, who were specially invited on this occasion scurried about. Dan was seated between Barry and Ginny. Ginny’s brother was a remarkable guy! Some knightly confidence proceeded from him. He spoke a little, but with a quite courteous answered the questions, smiling and acutely looking to the interlocutor’s eyes.

“You’re on vacation or finished the service?” Dan asked.

“On my vacation!” he sighed deeply. Dan noted how quick his confident look was replaced by a deep grief. Apparently, to drive away of sad thoughts, Barry took a glass and, looking with love on his native exclaimed, “To home, sweet home!”

“And you, Dan?” Barry asked, having smiled. “What plans for the future? According by your biceps you’re playing some sports or, just pumping iron!”

“He is our best basketball player!” Ginny answered joyfully, with affection, having put the head on the brother’s shoulder.

“Danny is a cool wrestler, besides!” Robert said loudly, and his father looking slantwise at the son, resolutely nailed a turkey.

“Well, after a lunch we’ll see to what Dan is ready!” said Barry cheerfully. “Mom, Robert, Ginny, will you play basketball with us?”

He came back home in a kind mood. The father with mother were sitting in front of the TV, crackling chips and drinking Heineken. On news they showed how the Afghan man with a turban on the head goes on some steps ahead of the wife who is wrapped up in a paranja. They pass by the recovered street. The man suddenly stops, and dissatisfied of something, having turned back, mercilessly canes the unfortunate wife.

“My God!” mother says heatedly. “Why?”

“Probably, the suspicious husband decided that the wife was lost in contemplation of someone!” as if having heard her question, the broadcaster says, smiling as if he gets the sadist pleasure of the scene.

“Cause they are animals, barbarians!” father said with the emotion. “For them a woman is the thing bought in the market! Therefore, we or Europeans, doesn’t matter, surely have to educate these savages! It is our mission, I told you!”

“Dad, Mom!” Dan declares with determination. “Listen to me! I decided to go to the West Point!”…


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