After the next shot glass he colorfully described Al the love joys with the new familiar. It appeared that she is married and has a daughter, but the husband doesn’t interest her any more. She has got mad erotic imaginations: sometimes she prefers the sex in the car!

“My God!” exclaimed Alex. He, at last, distinctly remembered where he saw George’s face. It was the fat man, who Al imagined in the visions, making love with Zoe! Yes, namely him, with small high temples, and with moustaches, and a small goatee beard. Al’s throat dried up in and grew dull in the head from excitement.

“Is everything okay, Alex?” the cheerful look of George was instantly replaced by concern.

“Yes, it’s all right,” Al mechanically took a sip of the coffee remains.

George continued to chirr enthusiastically about the new passion, but Al didn’t listen to him anymore. What a coincidence! What is it? The inclinations of the predictor?

“For this purpose it isn’t necessary to be the prophet!” said a vile, gravelly voice in him. “You imagined the most disgusting fat hog! Only this one could excite your wife!”

“Look: how tastefully he tells about his slut!” the inner voice wasn’t appeased. “And, maybe, he speaks about Zoe! All he tells – surprisingly coincides with you: the wife who lost the interest in the husband, the juvenile daughter!”

“Get out! My wife is with my daughter now! And you never know married women with juvenile daughters?” Al answered with the contempt.

“Yes, it is enough! But you imagined her with this fat-ass and on the sitting of the car – and his mistress like your wife is indifferent to the husband and with pleasure satisfies the lust of the lover – in the car! Maybe your prophecy will come true in this way?! Ask, ask her name!” the double hoarsely was shouting directly in Al’s face.

“Oh and I’m, probably, loaded you with my chatter” said George with regret.


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