90-year-old-man-two-pastors-cited-for-feeding-homeless-in-florida The next day he decided to see the pastor Jim. He found Jim in the company of a few Russian emigrants. Something native was in this old man, who having seen Dan, hurried to him with a clumsy gait.

“Jim! How I am glad you to see!” Dan hotly shook his hand.

“Something happened, sonny?” Jim carefully looked at him. “Let’s pass in a quieter place.” They entered some dusty room, which was filled up with books and posters. The pastor sat down, having crossed palms, and with a close attention looked at him.maxresdefault


“Nothing special has happened!” began Dan, having sighed. “Actually, I have nothing to complain: the fine family, the good school, the remarkable city I love, the girl, you’ve seen her!” at these words Jim smiled. “But all this isn’t enough for me. The age-mates, surrounding me seem vulgar; their inner world is banal to me. It seems to me that I’m absolutely different, that I was born for higher deeds!” here Jim smiled once again. Dan, having seen his smile bent the head and, having grinned said, “Of course, that might sound as usual arrogance!” hearing these words Jim made a protesting gesture. “But I don’t know how to realize my potential!”

For some seconds a silence set in. Jim tenderly patted Dan’s hand and started talking, “About the platitude of your age-mates I’ll tell you so! In the Book of Revelation it is told, “He that is unjust, let him be unjust still; and he who is filthy, let him be filthy still; and he that is righteous, let him be righteous still; and he that is holy, let him be holy still.”

“Everything depends on what choice you will make, sonny! If you prefer knowledge instead of alcohol and drugs, so you’ve already made your choice. And about the feeling of your otherness, you’re not like others, and this feeling is not the arrogance! If you were born for the high deeds as you speak, dare! The main thing – don’t do much harm! Also listen to your heart, Danny – it won’t deceive you! You are a noble young man, and the Lord will always stretch his protection over you! In the life of people different events happen,” he continued silently. “But they as a litmus piece of paper, as a certain catalyst, Dan, which reveal how you would behave in this or that situation!” Dan remembered yesterday’s incident and sadly nodded, and Jim burst out laughing with his soundless laughter.



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