Your own failures.  

  • In the past:

detail_picture_676582_96813122  You with pleasure of the masochist scroll a film of own failures, accusing yourself                   and others of own failures! This retrospective has both the positive and negative,  destroying side.

Negative side – in the passive, condemning itself and people retrospective.

Positive side if you mentally correct the misses of the past and you give installation not to repeat past mistakes!


  • In present:  
  1. The success of whiffets.      252

People whom you consider as insects achieved their success for various reasons. Their success is the catalyst of our experiences! Provide how  your beautiful features when you are angry with their progress are distorted, accusing the unjust of destiny of injustice! It is the beginning of an old age!

2. Disgusting faces of politicians on TV, websites  images-2

The policy and politicians didn’t change since the  Ancient Greece and Rome. O tempora, o  mores! These words are told not by our contemporaries, but Cicero who lived in Rome in the 1st century BC. Don’t react to their acts in any way. Live as though they are absent!

3. Impudence of the bumpkins  hqdefault

Impudent fellows existing always and everywhere! If the person insulted you know that he made it from unfortunate life and forgive him! But there are cases when impudent fellows need to be put into place! Make it and forget right there!

4. World is unjust! Shit!

The world is your own projection! Make it fair as far as possible! 

And remember my advice:

  1. Don’t worry about unrealized desires because the realized don’t bring the original happiness!  
  1. Getting into depression? Everyone can do that! 







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