Ginny burst out laughing complacently. A night was falling. She looked at the watch with anxiety. “Danny! Ours can show up any minute. I don’t want to seem tactless, but it is already a time for you!”

Dan quickly got up and they hastily dressed on. That minute when they went down, the entrance door was opened and on a threshold Ginny’s family appeared.

Ginny’s father, William Lindsey, a high brunette, wearing spectacles, with a short hairstyle and a tenacious, guarded look. Mother, Jessica Lindsey, a chubby blonde with surprisingly kind eyes, and the younger brother Robert, a distinguished young man with the manners of a gentleman, whom Dan well knew from the school.

“How it is good that children aren’t similar to him!” Dan thought of Ginny’s father. Robert, having smiled broadly, friendly slapped Dan on a hand.

“Mom! I’ve invited Dan home!” said Ginny in embarrassment.

“And it is fine!” said Jessica with vivacity as if trying to help the daughter to get out of the ticklish situation. “Dan, you have dinner with us?”

Dan politely refused. The father all this time didn’t cease to fix the eyes on Dan. “You’re the son of the lawyer McCormick?” William muttered.

“Yes, sir!” said Dan ironically looking straight to his eyes. “My God!” thought Dan with the irritation. “How does she live with this monster?”

“I met your father on some issues” William creaked, continuing to squint. “Convey my best regards!”

“Yes, sir!” said Dan cheerfully. “I will, certainly!”

Ginny passed on the street accompanying him.

“You see how far-sighted am I?” Ginny asked playfully. “A minute more and they would find us in a bed! Well how do you find my family?”

“You know, I find your mom more pleasant!” Dan grinned, starting the engine.

“Oh, dad is the incorrigible pessimist! Mom explained him thousand times; it is unethical to stare at a person as he does. Mom will kick his ass, me too! I don’t know what they are taught at the university?”

“Money, money!” said Dan ironically. They exchanged with the graceful exciting kiss.


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