efaaec83dde4c27f5c7d0e1342a9591fbc5f6c138525374              “What familiar?” Al asked disseminated.

“It’s not important, “she having approached to Al, playfully pushed him in the side.             “Tell me sincerely, is that your new passion?”

“Common! Get off with you! Just imagination,” brushed off Аl.

“You can’t lie. But anyway – it is cool!”  article93067

But he didn’t listen to her, without taking the eyes from the portrait. He suddenly  strongly wanted to see Natalie, her eyes, to feel her passionate kisses.

“I’m tired, I want to walk a little!” he murmured.

“Take a cayenne on your way back. I decided to prepare fajitas!” cheerfully said Zoe. “And a bottle of wine. Let’s arrange a feast today!”

But Al wasn’t happy of her enthusiasm. Putting on, he saw, how dexterous she was operating with a knife in the kitchen and Nadine, propping up the roundish face with a palm. The baby was captivated, looking at the mother’s “religious rite”.

Al’s heart jammed again from this idyll! He thought how it would be heavy to leave them.

At this hour streets were recovered, but it didn’t irritate him. He loved a thick of people, after fruitful work in privacy. They were madly interesting to him. The face of everyone: whether it was a gloomy physiognomy of a man burdened by daily life or a charismatic face of a romantically smiling woman: they seemed to him as a closed, unopened world! The meeting with Natalie inspired him! It made him better, more indulgent to people.


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