There was a midday when he entered home, hardly moving his feet. He couldn’t hide his dejectedness from the parents.

“Something happened?” mother approached him. “You’re pale as a ghost! May be you are sick?”

“Apparently he is tired!” the father answered instead of him. Dan nodded and silently passed to his room. He stretched on a bed, going to fall asleep. But rolling over in the bed he understood that can’t cope with the sleeping. Ginny called.

“How are you?” she asked carefully.

“No how,” Dan answered also silently. “I’m trying to calm down. Listen, may be we’ll meet? It seems to me I won’t calm down without you,” he wearily grinned.

“Me too!” answered Ginny joyfully.

He put on again and left in a drawing room.

“Where are you going?” mother asked anxiously. “You’ve just come!”

“Mom, I should go!” Dan answered with a peremptory tone. Mother looked back on the father, who nodded soothingly.

“Don’t worry I’ll be soon,” he said more amicably.

They played tricks on a town, then, Ginny suddenly offered: “Let’s go to us. Ours are on a visit and there’s nobody at home! You will play a grand piano for me among the other things,” she conspiratorially asked. Dan was excited and touched. He gratefully squeezed her hand.

“Sure! Undoubtedly!” he said, trying to smile.

x_2d7b635dHaving entered the house, he was impressed with the internal design and furniture of rooms. But more he was struck by the paints, which tone respectively were picked up to each room. They were of light and the solar color, which were making the way through windows and did them lighter. It was getting gladder and warmer at heart! There was a smell of refined perfumery around.

“You like it?” Ginny asked, not without a pride, appearing with two glasses of wine.

“Very much!” said Dan delightfully. “Just like a real cell of love!”

They took a seat on a sofa, and drank from glasses. Dan felt a bouquet of refined wine and how its heat spread on all over his body, leaving in the past the fear of the endured day. He said ironically glancing at the glass: “And I was cursing alcohol recently! Truly, the Lord works in mysterious ways! And yet, “IN VINO VERITAS!” Ginny loudly burst out laughing and took seat closer. He embraced her and she put the head on his shoulder with affection.

“How’s good that you are here!” delightfully he said minting each word.

“And how’s good that you are here!” answered Ginny in tone with him, and they kissed gently. “Let me show you my room,” said Ginny and they rose upward. Ginny slowly, with a smile opened a door and solemnly entered him into the room. The room breathed with a neatness and coziness.

On the wall the curious cloths with spellbinding bright paints were hung. Other portraits reflected sketches of dresses. Dan took the seat on a bed. She took a seat near him.

“So you live here?” asked Dan.

“It’s a place where I’m dreaming! I’m closing in and go to my world! Do you like my drawings?!” she asked proudly pointing to the hanging cloths.

“Incredible! All these are yours?” Dan approached drawings and reverentially ran over them by hand. “And now, you surprise me, Ginny!”

y_3421164dShe complacently smiled. He again sat down near, fingering her golden ringlets with tenderness. Then slowly undid her blouse. To his look the pink nipples of her opaque breast opened, which strained at the leash. He dropped to them with the hot kisses, gently stroking. The girl all began trembling from the passion, which captured her and feverishly undid his jeans shirt. She carried out with her face on his mighty breast. He softly laid her on a bed, and continued caress, of which she was groaned defenselessly…

When their love joys ended, Dan leaned back on a pillow and said with the satisfaction, “Today’s stress as didn’t happen! Let’s make love always when we are upset!”  y_e04d81a9


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