“George!” Dan shouted. “Drop the gun, George!” 1196280564_5-hunterGeorge raised the head and on his obscured face a triumphing smile appeared. “Ah, Dan! You see your friend?! He is on the knees! Now he’s promised to quit fooling my girl! Is that true, you jerk?!” he stuck with a trunk on Stan’s head. Stan was terrified and muttered something unintelligible, winding the head, as the praying rabbi. Dan suppressed a wild laughter, though the situation was not so ridiculous. He got close to Stan.

“Stay back, Dan!” George screamed. Dave and Ginny cried out something with horror, begging Dan not to come nearer.

“George!” Dan tried to give tranquility to his voice. He succeeded. “What you’re trying to prove! That you are better?! You really are! Just look at him, George! He is not worth your little finger!” he was surprised to his own words and their effect! “Well, you will shoot him! And what further? All your life will be ruined! You think that Stephanie will love you after that occasion? Like a hell, George! What about your sisters and your mother? And father? You think the father’s spirit will be happy with it?” George’s father died from the cancer, and all family was provided by their unfortunate mother, who was working as the nurse in a hospital. Dan saw that from his words George’s eyes were filled with tears. Dan resolutely stepped to him and grabbed a trunk. The shot was fired. The crows sitting on the trees instantly flew up, croaking with the indignation.

14432 “Dan!!!” the bloodcurdling scream of Ginny scattered on a glade, echoing repeatedly. She rushed forth with Dave. Dan stood turned white as a cloth and Stan hit the ground with horror. By accident George shot aside and, having thrown the gun fell, sobbing in Dan’s                                                                                                         embraces, who stood mute in horror!

Dave and Ginny, having run up, embraced him and Stan, having risen turned his tail and fled. Dan silently lifted the gun and stared at it as a mad… They slowly started wandering to the car, and on the way Dave kicked George with the irritation. But that felt nothing, and with the glazed-over look sat down on a back seat of the Jeep. They drove up to George’s house. George got out of the car and started wandering home. “Stay!” Dave angrily cried out. “Take your shit!” he swore, stretching the weapon with the hatred.

Then they drove up to Dave’s house. “Dave!” Dan said huskily. He seemed found a speech power. “Watch Stan doesn’t talk to anybody else.”

“Fuck them all!” snapped Dave and quickly went to the house. They remained together. He started the engine, and they continued a way. At last, Ginny’s mansion seemed. Dan deeply sighed, and said motionlessly looking before himself: “Now you understand why I hate drugs and alcohol?” Ginny burst out sobbing in reply. He tried to console her.

“You could be killed, Dan! All of us could be lost today!” she exclaimed. He softly put a hand on her shoulder. She left the car slowly and proceeded to the house.




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