What contaminates our brain:

  • Recalls of the past: 
  1. Somebody’s offence.

images-2Change your attitude. If he (she) insulted you forgive him (her) immediately. It’s purifying your karma. I wouldn’t like to plunge into the religious chattering now, you can find it everywhere. Remember by changing your attitude to your insulter you’re making a miracle! Just see how this person’s behavior is changing towards you!



  1.  If you offended somebody:  none-59216139
  • Don’t punish yourself too strictly! You as many people have a right for a mistake!
  • It doesn’t mean that you should forget your mistakes, by no means! Roll it on your memory video and ask for forgiveness again from everyone you offended! If there’s opportunity do it alive! I’m asking God always: O, Creator let me observe all my sins! But observing all my sins I’m mentally apologizing to the people whom I have offended. You can do it in reality that would be more effective and it’s purify your karma very effective!
  • Do not torture yourself! You killing yourself with it!    copyjer-010315-069-copy_2                                                                                      
  1. Your strife for perfection: 
  • Remember: the road to hell is paved with good intentions!

 kp__prk9hb4 images-6Strive for perfection but try not to make any harm! The great Russian writer

           78831195_deti Dostoyevsky wrote: If freedom is won by the teardrop of  a single baby it’s not a freedom at all!

You are the witness what the great religions did trying to impose their ideology!

  • Fight with your deficiencies every day and you fail , struggle again: in any case you will acquire the good habits instead of bad ones! Believe yourself! images-3

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