Chapter II. Natalie.

The morning was cold, but friendly. Al woke up fresh and full of creative energy. Zoe’s bed was empty. At this hour she usually took the baby to the day nursery.

He opened the refrigerator and, having uncorked a bottle of cold beer, greedily devastated it. To all his body the kind energy spread: Al felt euphoria from the light alcohol!

2063d5c26924a83b0935c4d532fe79c6He entered the room trimmed like a workshop and, for a moment stiffened, recreating Natalie’s image. Then he resolutely approached to the brush and steeped in his work. Some hours passed: the work went on like clockwork. On a canvas he with enthusiasm recreated the lines which became so favorite! Her radiant look – that’s what is important to represent! Having finished the work with her profile and hair, he gave a whistle contentedly. It was her and not her!

Instead of the shining eyes – turned out languid and sad, but especially this look was attracting. For an instant Al imagined her passionate breath and the look obscured by passion… Yes, it is her, but in a minute of their mutual passion!

During this delightful moment the entrance door was loudly opened. “Al, are you at home?” Zoe loudly cried out in the hall.

“Here she is! Like always not at the right time!” Al  thought with the irritation.

“Yes. I’m here, darling!” half-heartedly he cried out in reply. images-1

The noise of the purchases displayed on a table was heard in the kitchen.

When her steps came nearer, Al quickly threw the curtain rolling nearby over the portrait.

“So what’s our dad managed to create?” Zoe asked cheerfully, accompanied with the baby Nadine. He gave smacking kiss to her in a cheek, and opened embraces to Nadine. The baby rushed to his breast as though after a long separation.

Zoe defiantly stepped to an easel, trying to raise the curtain hem over the portrait, but Al softly discharged her.

“Zoe, please, don’t! It isn’t ready yet”.

“Al, common, I ask you! To me it is curious!” Zoe twisted the mouth, playfully whining.

“Well!”  gave up Al and removed the curtain.

“Wow!” she said with the childish admiration. “Who is it? The face is surprisingly familiar! Yeah, that’s…!” she faltered, without having finished speaking.

“Well and who is it?” Al asked detached, departing and admiring with his own creation.

“Well!” Zoe faltered. “I thought one of my familiars!” she said somehow silently, again having approached and attentively peering.



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