“What a remarkable old man!” said Ginny delightfully and gently took his hand, when they drove off. “He extends such a grace! With him one feels easily and quietly himself! Like with you!”

“Really? Is it so quiet with me?” he playfully asked for a moment, distracting off the road, and looking at her under from sunglasses.

“Well, it isn’t absolutely quiet,” she answered, coyly running a hand over his knee. “Unlike him, you turn me up!” she mumbled, whimsically flashing her eyes.

“And now, I am turned up by you! You want the yesterday repeated?” he asked hoarsely.

“Good Lord!” she answered, scarcely staring, but with a smile. “Watch the road, honey!”

Passing by the Dave’s house, they saw him, standing at the car and doing them the signs. Dan sharply braked. “What’s up you, moron?”

“Dan! Dan! Misfortune! Hi, Ginny!” Dave had lamented, having managed to greet the girl. “Stan has called… George attacked… help, the help is needed!” Dave muttered.

“What help? Who called, who attacked?” Dave frowned. “Get in the car!”

Dave instantly obeyed and began the confused story. It’s turned out that George Cooper, who was madly in love with Stephanie, got drunk and stoned since the early morning and, having taken father’s Winchester, tracked down Stan Grabowski. Now, they are on the fringe of the forest, behind the wine shop.

Dan went full throttle, but suddenly slowed down. “Ginny!” he said deafly. “You shouldn’t be there. Get out of the car!” he ordered resolutely.

“I will go!” declared Ginny. “I can’t leave you with these blockheads!”

“Ginny!” Dan raised the tone, but Dave began squealing, “Hurry, Dan! A minute more and he will knock out his brains! Let her stay!”

stock-photo-silhouette-of-man-with-rifle-pointed-at-victim-s-head-111340481Dan spitted out from the disappointment and again pressed the gas. They instantly drove in the edge of the wood. He surely drove on a glade and the terrible picture opened to their look. Though for Dan it seemed quite funny. Stan Grabowski was sitting on his knees and sobbed, was muttering something. Nearby George Cooper stood, who put the gun directly to the Stan’s head. His pupils were expanded, and the drunken physiognomy was full of determination! He didn’t even react to the approached car.


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