brazil-jumboThat Sunday morning the church was especially populous. The familiar faces joyfully welcomed him at every corner. There were not only his parents. Here, Steve Kempfer, the well-known speaker and the successful businessman, took the podium. He spoke about the feat of Moses, about a choice, which allows all of us to make a similar feat. Then, he smoothly passed to a policy. And again Dan heard an appeal to hegemony of the USA in the East!

“Some consider that our children in Iraq and Afghanistan are perishing today in vain!” exclaimed Steve loudly. “But that’s not true! The participation of our guys in these wars is a campaign of Moses against the unrighteous! It is necessary to educate these barbarians with the ideas of freedom! These bigots kill people only for their listening to music or if their unfortunate wives incidentally slightly opened a face to a stranger!” a storm of applause and approving howls were heard.

“It is time for the unfortunate people of the East to drop a yoke of dictators and religious fanatics and to live happily!”  images

“Remember what’s occurred in Kosovo? Poor Bosnian Muslims were destroyed by the Christian Serbs! But we showed our commitment to democracy and put an end to the genocide! Because the real Christian is not the man, who destroys defenseless people, but who aspires for the sake of peace!” Steve shouted under a loud applause.

“I am not a politician,” Steve continued with a quiet tone. “I am a businessman. But even on our banknotes it is written: In God We Trust! Even being engaged in business and commerce, we shouldn’t forget about it!” he cried out, pointing with a finger upward under the proceeding applause. “And about the mission to bring freedom and happiness to people!” the audience literally blew up an applause.

“How’s that to you?” Ginny asked clapping.

rowlc“Peacockery!” Dan grinned contemptuously. She wanted to ask something, but Dan applied a finger to his lips. There came the turn of the pastor Jim. Despite of his age he quickly ascended to the tribune under the approving whistle. He with a kind smile inspected the parishioners, and smiled more widely with the words, “Passionate speech isn’t it? Just like the direct appeal to a crusade!” the audience blew up with laughter. “No offence, dear brother Steve, but I dare to remind you that for the Eastern people Moses is also a Saint person, as well as for us: the truth is they call him differently!” he softly looked at Steve, who with a complacent smile waved in reply.

“We like to speak about our mission! About our predominating role in the world! It reminds Christ’s parable of a speck in an eye! Why don’t we try to overcome poverty, murders, illiteracy in our own country?!” the hall approvingly hooted. “We criticize the cruelty of the other nations, but we send our juveniles to the dead men’s camera! We have a free sale of the weapon, of which thousands of Americans annually perish,” he continued with a sad smile. A dead silence set in the church, and there has sounded the cry of the suckling baby. In a hall the snickers were heard.

“You see? It is regrettable even to this baby! I’m not against our mission in other countries, I’m for if this mission would be really Christian, creative, and educational. To direct more humanitarian aid than fighters, from which the innocent kids sometimes are perishing! Get this baby up, pull him up, and show us!” his voice was shivering from the excitement. A young man, years of thirty, wearing spectacles, with a bang, smiling, lifted the sleeping baby.

“Who of the parents or attendees would like his death?! So charming and innocent child! All of us should assimilate to children as Jesus said. All You Need is Love poor Lennon sang, who was killed, by the way, in our country!” he concluded, descending from the tribune under a loud applause of the attendees. The small ensemble, which was right there, quickly played the Lennon’s song, sung by Bill Wane, who was teaching Dan to play a guitar once.

When all started dispersing, they approached to Jim.

“Dan!” joyfully the old man said, having seen the young man. “It’s been too long you haven’t visited us!”

“Jim, meet Ginny, please,” Dan introduced the girl.

“I’m very pleased, Ginny! According to her look directed on you I understood that it is your girl!” Jim said with Christ’s smile and all of them amicably burst out laughing.

“I liked your speech very much, Jim!” Ginny admitted ardently. “I’ve never been to churches before! After today’s event I will surely come here!”

“Welcome to you, darling! And as for my speech, that’s not me, but He’s conducting me!” Jim laughed, well-naturedly pointing upward by a hand.


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