content_student-servicesHe woke up fresh and, having remembered her, stared in a ceiling with a blissful smile. Then having taken a shower, he entered the dining room. Having approached a table, he nestled on mother and kissed her several times. Mother looked at him dazedly: he didn’t do it before!

“You’ve fall in love, Danny?” she asked intrigued.

He cheerfully tapped the father on the shoulder. “Life is beautiful, huh, daddy?!”

Father smiled broadly and again, having gone deep into the newspaper. “Well, had a good evening?” he murmured. Dan answered nothing and, smiling complacently, dipped a roll in the milk with the concentration.

“Again ours sustain losses!” father said grievously. “Two of our helicopters shot down by the stingers,” he took away the newspaper with the irritation.

“Dad! Why do we need this war? Don’t’ we have our own problems?” Dan muttered with the filled mouth.

“What are you talking about, my boy? Our mission is to extend a democracy around the world! Due to us, in the past the fascist countries like Germany, Italy, and Japan became the democratic. They so economically developed that in some industries began stepping our heels. But we executed our mission; they are democratic countries, sometimes even more democratic than ours!” Joe’s eyes splashed victoriously, inviting the son on a bet.

“And what about Vietnam?” Dan derisively blinked the eyes. “We failed there”.

Usually, in this debate mother staked on one of the parties:

“I put ten on Dan!” she said with a great feeling. The father grinned with enthusiasm and continued: “Yes, in Vietnam we lost! But he laughs best – who laughs last! What happened with the Soviet empire? It’s failed and Vietnam gradually passes to a market economy.”

Dan got up from the table and smiled: “I give up, dad; your logic is murderous as a knife of Shoshoni Indians!” They stroke their hands with the father and mother, having sighed, put a ten-dollar banknote on the table.

At school the blissful stupor condescended on him again. He was eager to see her. Heremsw_gl_01_fw13_150_39l-1024x697 she is! Ginny stood in a circling of girlfriends with some solemn look. “There! She has the same,” Dan thought. The girl, as in a dream answered the questions of the classmates around, but having seen him, as if regained the consciousness.

“Hi!” she shined and they exchanged with a short kiss. Girlfriends stiffened as driven and started whispering.

“I’ve been thinking of you all the day!” he said softly.

“Me too!” she said quickly, and they hugged again, having forgotten about all.

“What plans for the weekend?” Dan asked.

“No plans! Though, we were going to visit Aunt Christie.”

“Have you ever been to Evangelists?” Dan asked.

“Never,” she answered unkindly. “I don’t go to churches! And are you religious?” said Ginny with some disappointment.

“Well! I trust in some Super Power, but no more than that. Actually, I’m not religious,” smiled Dan.

“Good! Thanks God!” said Ginny. “You see: even I mentioned Him!”

“I just wanted to listen to the Pastor Jim’s sermons with you. It’s not simply the religious nonsense, but the interesting philosophical conversations!” Dan insisted with a passion.

“Well, if with you please! I will follow you till the ends of the Earth!” Ginny said coyly.




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