beautiful-couple-talking-in-barAfter the dinner they danced in two couples. Then Rudd with a trite laughter dragged Milene away in a bedroom where their golden-haired, chubby kid was snuffling with pleasure.

During this instant Al and Natalie stood with some confusion in different corners of the room. Smiling, they felt each other’s magnetism at a distance. He greedily smoked, and she twirled the disks, without reducing a delighted look from him. It was a prelude to a love scene!
Then Al slowly extinguished the cigarette and moved to her. She also slowly put the disks on the table, and took some counter steps. kissing-pictures-of-love-couple-750x500

Having merged in strong embrace, they exchanged hot kisses. From time to time Al inhaled the aroma of her hair and body.

She felt his hot, ticklish kisses at herself on the neck and trembled with passion. Slowly kissing her neck, he nestled on the lobes of her charming small ears, kissing, and hardly notable, biting them!



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