Open your eyes and look around! This world   made by the Creator is for the eyes which can value the beauty!

If you’re concern with your petty problems think about those who stuck to their beds with diseases! My brother was dying of cancer in the arms of our mom! His last words were: Oh, mommy! I can’t say you good – buy! He was only 13!

Remember it when you helpless to get an enjoyment from the life! And remember: thousands, no, millions of misfortune would like to be on your place! 14141590_189541841459511_2011181982235735538_n

What happens when we facing with everyday tiny fails:

  1. Oh, God, no! Why?
  2. Why it happens with me?
  3. Oh, Lord! Not now, please!

What is way out:


  2. Write out this problem to see what can you substitute instead of your passive whining!
  3. Acquire the good habits: confronting with the difficulty make yourself to despise it!

The Buddhists say: if the problem can be resolve no need to worry, if not worrying doesn’t help!

If we can’t to change the situation we can change our attitude to it!

  1. Control your thoughts: what are you thinking about! Every day I was cleaning the tons of garbage in my brain. To be frank: sometimes there appearing the remnants of this litter!

Many psychologists and magicians making it for money. I doing it for free, cause that’s my experience! I can show you how to love and how to live with  this MARVELOUS world!

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