imagesToday America making it’s choice! America made it’s choise once voted for the great Obama – the first black president! But still there remaining the discrimanation of Balck Americans, poor Native Americans, impoverished white citizens! But I madly love this country! I was to US twice: in 2000 and 2002 and was impressed by the sincerety of it’s people!

When I was a child I cried reading the book of Harriet Bicher Stow The Uncle Tom’s Cabin.  I was indignated by the cruelty of white Americans who tortured  poor black slaves! I was admiring by John Brown, the white farmer who rebelled against the slavery and said before his execution: Now, if it is deemed necessary that I should forfeit my life for the furtherance of the ends of justice, and mingle my blood further with the blood of my children and with the blood of millions in this slave country whose rights are disregarded by wicked, cruel, and unjust enactments, I submit; so let it be done!” ( Links:

I was admiring when the American band Grand Funk Railroad were singing: People Let’s Stop the War and Everybody Listen To Me calling  the Americans to stop the war in Vietnam!

images-2I was happy when America made it’s choice for Obama. Now it’s time for the great country to make a choice in favor of the her first Woman President!


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