The Turn by Vadim Gazi

She liked at once this hoarse strong voice, with a bitterness shade. She felt suddenly an inexplicable inclination to this person. From Milene she knew that he is married and has the little daughter. But this courageous face, with sad eyes…

nastol-com_-ua-2494 Eyes of many men didn’t cause her particular interest. In some eyes she read lasciviousness, in others – superiority and a sneer. And these eyes – with steel blue radiated some childish admiration when he stopped a look on her, the admiration which can be seen, maybe, in the look of some women …

For an instant she imagined herself in his embraces and his hairy hands at her breast. The passionate desire pierced her body, but she hurried to drive away these thoughts.

Al quickly got up and approached the audio system more likely to appease excitement: the languishing look of Natalie couldn’t escape from him! Some delightful wave ran on his body. These 5 minutes of conversation promised a certain catastrophic passion! He put a disk with Bach’s clavier and their conversation quickened.

For both there appeared a common ground that the conversation concerned: a movie or literature. In a process of a unity of their tastes again and again the admiration smile was reflected on Al’s  face.

He came up to the center and replaced the disk.

04aa8d07a47cd87ebf4afe41fc2bc7e7  “Oh!” Natalie stretched enthusiastically as soon as the first chords began to sound. “Nazareth! Love Hurts! My favorite thing!”

Al smiled contentedly, enjoying an effect of the choice.

He approached and, having gently taken her hands, invited her to dance. They were silently shaken in a step of the melody and she put her head on his breast. Al has trembled from the tenderness and the passion overflowed him! She raised her languid eyes on him. There was an appeal in this look!

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