“Say to my lord, Bougwan, that — I love him, and that I am glad to die because I know that he cannot cumber his life with such as me, for the sun cannot mate with the darkness, nor the white with the black.

Say that at times I have felt as though there were a bird in my bosom, which would one day fly hence and sing elsewhere; even now, though I cannot lift my hand, and my brain grows cold, I do not feel as though my heart were dying; it is so full of love that could live a thousand years, and yet be young. Say that if I live again, mayhap I shall see him in the stars, and that — I will search them all, though perchance I should there still be black and he would — still be white.”

H.R Haggard King Solomon’s mines.

Poor Foulata was wrong. Black and white are parts of of colorful palette of the world!Is there something more beatiful than Black Woman ? Do you think so?


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