LIFE IS TOO SHORT!  I was a witness of how my brother and were dying from the cancer! Since that my credo is that there’s nothing beautiful in life than life irself! I’m fond of love and beauty! I think that sex is a gift givens us by the Creator!  But it’s nothing if you can’t sublimate your sexual energy into creativity! Here I’m bringing some sites from my novel Turn which will be published soon!

“The vocalist, full, the blonde with a baritone of Afro– the American, having grabbed a microphone with the well-cared handle shipped the hall in the charming world of the blues. His velvet bass filled with sweet and romanticism, was joining veins, kindled blood and hit into the head as a sweet cahors wine.

Natalie felt how it gently touched her fingers in the hand!  On the background of this bewitching music with its enveloping passion, she saw his eyes with tenderness directed directly in depth of her eyes! The girl felt a wave of the wild passion which covered her! At the end of a concert she was thinking only about it

After the concert they again walked on the evening city. Milene with Rudd, having embraced cheerfully chirped on the background, while Al and Natalie didn’t utter words. They went having squeezed each other by a hand and continued to exchange with the ardent looks. They also didn’t notice how reached the house of Milene who promised to treat them with a tasty dinner.

” You indulge us, Milene!” Al mumbled, without lowering the admiring eyes from Natalie.

“We are always glad to dear visitors!” Milene cooed, pointing Rudd by a look to a loving couple. That vulgarly grinned and began nodding the head.

After a dinner they danced in two couples. Then Rudd with a trite laughter  dragged Milene away in a bedroom where their golden-haired, chubby kid with pleasure snuffled.

During this instant Al and Natalie stood with some confusion in different corners of the room. Smiling, they felt magnetism of each other at a distance. He greedy smoked, and she twirled the disks, without reducing a delighted look from him. It was a prelude to a love scene!

Then Al slowly I extinguished a cigarette and moved to her. She also slowly put the disks on a table, and took some counter steps.

Having merged in strong embrace, they exchanged hot kisses. From time to time Al inhaled the aroma of her hair and a body.

She felt his hot, ticklish kisses at herself on a neck and trembled with passion. Slowly kissing her neck, he nestled on the lobes of her charming small ears, kissing, and hardly notable, biting them!

He slowly undid the massive buttons of her charming blouse. To his look the swarty, rising breast with the peaked pink nipples opened!

She felt his strong hairy hands on the breast. ” The imaginary became obvious!” the trite thought rushed at her.”

Vadim Gazi, The Turn.



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