SUCH A PERFECT DAY!  After the romantic, sad rain the genial sunshine has looked out, indulging us with the generous beams and returning to careless summer! What has forced us to forget a joy of such changes and to squeal from delight, like children! What from our youth has turned away, leaving us in offense?! We have assimilated not to children, but old men, copying their grumble! What prevents us to revive and taste joy of children’s delight to every day filled with the world, beauty, a mad orgasm and the kind attitude towards people? Arrogance, suspiciousness, offense on the broken dreams? But whether the offense to our fate can change the circumstances breaking off a samsara of hated life? By no means! Love! This is a panacea from all adversities!

My hero Dan has realized it, having passed a hearth of the Afghan war and having fallen in love with Aisha!

Passed some days, but there were no messages from Aisha. He already reconciled with the thought that she will never answer. Once after a heavy cleansing, they had a rest in barracks, and Dan, having taken a shower sprawled on a bed, reading the comments to the Koran. At this time near his bed, there was passing Maximilian Butler, Max, as marines called him. He askance was examining the literature read by Dan. Dan disliked him, for cynicism and trite jokes, though during the fight he was an excellent fighter, without fear and shyness.

“You’re studying the book of these porcupines?” Max grinned crookedly. Dan answered nothing.

“Why?” Max wasn’t appeased. “To blow up the fellows?!” he looked straight in the Dan’s face and he understood that the trial is inevitable.

“Did you read it, at least for babbling such nonsense,” Dan asked with the contempt.

“Why should I? I don’t know a thing even about the Bible!” Max frowned.

“Well, if you read it, you would understand, birdbrain, there’s no violence here?” Dan said cold.

“So, it turns out that you got everything?” asked Max contemptuously. “Perhaps then, you will explain, why all this rubbish is ready to blow up them and all of us?!”

“Because, you have invaded their land, you, mother fuck up, but not they yours!” Dan shouted. Round their fellows began to gather. Stanley tried to calm them: “Guys! That’s a hard day for you, it’s better to relax!” but Dan cast him away. Big Jim tried to appease Max.

“I know why you need all this! Everything is because of this Muslim rubbish, who you’re writing for!” Max creaked squinting. Dan with a roar rushed on him, but Max with the exact sweeps knocked him down, and Dan failed! He quickly jumped, and some seconds they were exchanging with the powerful blows as the professional boxers. At last the guys managed to separate and drag them in different directions. Silence set in. Both were panting.

“If you, and many imbeciles like you read more, we wouldn’t do such mistakes what we’re making now!” Dan hoarsely said, wiping the blood from a face, and, having spitted, left out.

The next day they were sent to patrol a check point. For some of marines it was a real torture, than the cleansing of houses or the open fight with the enemy! For Dan it was a part of usual work. He knew that until the end of the contract he still had few days, but it didn’t please him specially.

He acquired some fatal relation to the life. He was glad to accept the life as it was. And to be able to rejoice: to each peaceful day if they happened, to the laughter of children! Recently he subtracted the hadith (a story) about the prophet, where Muhammad said that, even if you have nothing, the day spent safely is a favor from the Supreme too!

Perhaps, Aisha became the reason of this metamorphosis, her cheerfulness and infant purity woke, kindled in him love to life, the attitude towards people! He thanked God that didn’t feel hatred to these unfortunate people any more, but felt sincere compassion to them!

Vadim Gazi  ( Vagif Gaziye) The Soldier’s Fortune.




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