THE SOLDIER’S FORTUNEThe next days were alternated, not noted by the special events. Dan successfully studied, combining studying with the sport. They regularly met with Ginny. They got special pleasure to go to the picturesque places of the state. Having taken pleasure in Yellowstone, they went to Glacier Park. After fishing and picking up flowers, they were competing in skillful cookery. Sometimes without words they were making love outdoors. Giving herself up to his passionate caresses, she was looking around at the bewitching nature in the delightful ecstasy. The sun, the smell of the woods, sounds of birds and caress of her beloved man merged in such a majestic harmony that she, pining, loudly shouted from the pleasure! Dan, exulted during such moments, was shouting in unison with her. “Look around, look around! How it is divine!” she whispered passionately. In a pace of the love act, they were admiring the nature and each other.

Vadim Gazi (Vagif Gaziyev)

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