STOP SUICIDE TODAY!If you seeing that your friend or relative is suffering try to help him, immediately. Is it doesn’t help apply to specialist! But remember: LIFE IS BEATIFUL! Of course, I’m not talking about euthanasia, it’s another case (and I think, in this case we help people and it’s humanistic deal!).

 But sometimes the tiny problems seem so exaggerated, and people making a mountain out of a molehill! If your girlfriend or boyfriend leaving you, rejoice! Another more brilliant meeting with someone is waiting for you! If you sacked from your work, and you are on the street, I’m assuring you it’s another snakes and stares life gifted you! Test yourself in another field! Sometimes we are not aware about our hidden abilities! And tomorrow you would bless the destiny about such turn of life! And do not forget how your folks will look at your dead body, watering it with their tears …

Vadim Gazi ( Vagif Qaziyev)


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