SLAVE TO LOVE!  The fashion show in London started  today! Look at these beautiful faces of youth: there’s an expression of a challenge and pride! Fashion! This charming woman bringing to a podium of the silent legionaries in a palette of the most various, mad paints of which the human imagination is capable! And we in ecstasy from its originality groan from pleasure and are ready to become pages of its haughty models and to worship them, having forgotten the Biblical and Koranic bans!

Fashion! It’s a time expressed in forms, colors, clothes, hairstyles and in lifestyle! These forms change eventually, but crafty revive when we hear its death rattle! And this reincarnation introduces with itself something new during every era. Occasionally, it irritates with the arrogance and abstractness. And then the youth lets out the indignant, shrill cry similar to shout of the vocalist, Pink Floyd in the composition, The Dark Side of the Moon and shows the style, free from prejudices, stereotypes and bias. It is style of freedom and convenience.

Even you, dear reader indifferent as well as me, to its trends, become her legislator when ignoring her create the unique style!

Vadim Gazi (Vagif Gaziyev).


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